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The titanium case was reworked beautifully to commemorate an iconic wardbird: the Curtiss P-40. This single-engine fighter plane and ground attack aircraft, which operated from 1938 until 1958, is a true icon. Some variants of the Curtiss P-40 were known as Kittyhawk.

Name, large air scoop beneath the propeller and creative nose art made this plane one of the most recognisable aircrafts from the Second World War,chopard replica watches even though its effectiveness and service history are more controversial.

Isabelle Villa, a miniature painter and Oris Replica Watches's artist, created a piece of art for the case. The process involved removing just a few microns from the case metal to create the vibrant and lifelike smiley shark. It was then lacquered and glued flush against the case.

As much as the title above calls it an introduction,Replica Watches the chances are that the watch was already sold as soon as the publish button was pressed.

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Three-dimensional horological motor developed with Laurent Besse & Beranger Reynard. Manually wound, two mainspring barrels are in parallel with 50 jewels. 72-hour power reserve.

Case Study

Titanium, 54mm by 52mm by 24mm with five sapphires crystals on dials and display panels


The Leather

orologi automatici

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